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Build Your Own Energy

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Think about it: wouldn’t it be nice to not be subjected to the control and monopoly of the big electric companies?  I think it would be wonderful.  I can’t say they’re “evil”, but I can say that I just don’t see the checks and balances in their systems that make this country somewhat stable.  Rates continue to soar as we run out of natural resources, and some of us just can’t afford to keep shelling out hundreds of dollars a month to heat our homes.

The solution?  Build your own energy.  If we could do that – and some people do – I have a feeling that we would learn how to conserve even more than we do now.  You’d be on your own, monitoring your energy output and teaching your children how it’s done.  This begs the question: how?

For that, my friends, I direct you to Google.  I know you were probably expecting a tutorial in this article, but I’ll save that for my next piece/rant.  For now, I only want to write about our battle with the electric companies and offer a vague solution for the rest of us.  Have no fear, for I’m going to research this alongside you, folks.  There simply must be a practical solution, and with the information we have today, I’d almost say it’s irresponsible to not at least do a little digging on the subject.

Imagine creating and building a solar panel or two for your home and not having a monthly bill to cripple your finances.  Sounds like a better world to me.