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How Solar Panels Benefit the Environment

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Lets face it, environmental concerns are piling up these days and people want to help but don’t know how.  How solar panels benefit the environment is simple; they use no energy except the sun, and are completely quiet and unobtrusive to wherever they are mounted, which can be on the roof of your house in your neighborhood, or to the top of a telephone pole to power an emergency line in the middle of the desert.  Technically you could set up a solar powered system and leave it indefinitely, and it will work fine.  Sustainability is the name of the game when it comes to environmental safety.

You can save the emissions of six tons of CO2 by using solar panels.  When you take a moment to sit and look at how our forms of energy damage our natural environment to the point that governments are starting to take notice in order to literally “save” the planet.  Burning fuels like oil and coal are costly to mine, process, burn, and emit a great deal of harmful gasses into the atmosphere that causes damage.  Even natural gas which burns “clean” gives off three times its weight in carbon monoxide emissions which is a great deal.  None of the addressed sources of energy will last forever either, whereas the sun will last for a pretty long time!

The stars, and sun in particular is a giant ball of energy that shoots light out in all directions until it hits planets.  On earth the sun emits a great deal of usable energy, and plants caught onto this and have been using it since the earth began, while thriving and benefiting the earth at the same time.  Even with plants using some there is more energy the earth receives from the sun than we could possibly use, meaning enough for EVERYONE, its just a matter of using that energy for free and clean electricity, and it is becoming more accessible every day.

For rural, poor areas it is difficult to get solar energy out and usable, and the energy being used is from burning fuel.  This is creates local and global pollution and ends up being more expensive.  For a rural farmer the land is their livelihood, and damaging it would do no one any good.  Also he can save a great deal when he needs it through solar energy.  We must also remember that batteries produce lead pollution and un-recyclable materials that can poison the soil.  By using solar energy, batteries, something that everyone uses, will be a worry of the past generations.